////Eye Shadow Brush Nasctiq By ZOREYA

Eye Shadow Brush Nasctiq By ZOREYA


Made In China, Designed In France.

Eye Shadow Brush Suit For Eye Shadow, It Make Eye Color Perfect And Delicate, Makeup Brush Super Quality Hand Made Soft Bristles. Eye Shadow Brush Use In Makeup.



Made in china. Designed in France.

Brush Care:

  1. Brushes should be washed by special cleanser. Please absorb brush head’s moisture with a towel.
  2. Reshape bristles with fingers. lay the brush flat in a shady place to air dry it.
  3. To avoid dragging and cutting brush’s fur, please don’t dry brush with hair drier.
  4. It’s furs shed a little, it is normal phenomenon witch will not attach function of brushes.
  5. If brush is used every day, it is suggested making maintenance every 3 weeks.


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